Thanks to its status as a Moodle Premium Certified Partner, IThinkUPC has recently closed an agreement to use Moodle Workplace to implement a new eLearning platform for the Spanish Red Cross. Moodle Premium Certified Partner IThinkUPC, the technology consultancy of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), has over 20 years experience working on leading EdTech projects across Spain and Andorra. 

Regarding the collaboration, Pablo Navajo, director of the Red Cross Education Knowledge Area, commented, “We have always opted for innovation —technological, educational and organisational— and quality. For this, it is not only necessary to have the appropriate content, but also a good LMS platform and a company with guarantees, experience and knowledge to accompany us in all these innovation processes and provide us with a quality service. IThinkUPC meets all of these characteristics, and we have started an alliance that will clearly help us in our mission to “be better” and to be prepared to improve our humanitarian work.”

Ricard Grau, Business Development Manager of IThinkUPC, said “We are very proud to be able to collaborate with an organisation like the Red Cross, a world leader in the humanitarian field, and with which we are beginning on a path that we’re sure will be sustainable and successful. IThinkUPC’s commitment to offering advanced and innovative digital solutions, in this case Moodle Workplace deployed in the AWS cloud, allows us to offer a high-quality service and availability on eLearning platforms. This has led the Red Cross to trust us as their strategic partner with key technology to strengthen their humanitarian activity.” 

The new Virtual Campus of the Red Cross

Moodle Workplace is the selected solution to create the new Red Cross Virtual Campus, the most advanced version of this world-leading LMS platform, with more than 240 million users around the world.

IThinkUPC, thanks to its Premium Certified Partner status, is currently one of the few companies in Spain that can offer Moodle Workplace as its own service in the cloud, specifically, from the public cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS), of which IThinkUPC is an Advanced Tier Services Partner. The Moodle Workplace service offered by IThinkUPC from AWS, with its high flexibility and scalability, is ideal for this project, especially given the high number of students to train with its Virtual Campus. The Red Cross has forecasted 115,000 students in the year 2023, expected to reach 130,000 students in 2024.

Moodle Workplace provides a series of advanced and exclusive functionalities that have led the Red Cross to choose this solution and IThinkUPC as a partner to implement it. These functionalities include multi-tenancy, allowing a single instance of Moodle Workplace to give various departments or organisations their own personalised learning environment; programs, to be able to define training itineraries made up of a set of courses, associate them to a process (such as the reception of new employees) and automatically assign them to individual users or user profiles; dynamic rules, to save administration time by automating common processes such as enrolments and certification assignments; and the organisational structure, to be able to assign courses or programs to users based on their role or position in the organisation.

A long-term commitment to training

In Spain, the Red Cross has more than 250,000 volunteers and more than 1,400 service points, which serve more than four million people annually with the support of more than 1,360,000 members, companies and allies.

One of the strategic activities for the Red Cross, and with the largest volume of participants, is training. The Red Cross Education Knowledge Area manages all the training activities carried out by the organisation, both internally, training its staff and volunteers, and externally, which the organisation offers for public administrations, organisations and institutions, and the general public.

Within the organisations’ digital transformation plan, there is a need to evolve its Virtual Campus with new potentialities that better respond to the current environment and that improve efficiency of processes and the user experience.

A key Moodle Partner in Spain

IThinkUPC combines the knowledge generated at the UPC with their own team, made up of more than 250 engineering and consulting professionals. They have been working on projects and leading companies for more than twenty years in areas such as Talent and Training, Analytics, Cybersecurity, Digital Applications and Cloud & Managed Services.

Through Talents by IThinkUPC, its expert business line helping organisations harness people’s talents, IThinkUPC has tripled its turnover in the last four years in the field of training and talent management platforms.

Through their partnership with Moodle and Amazon Web Services, IThinkUPC has become a key company in Spain implementing eLearning platforms. This is reflected by significant growth in the number of clients in all sectors and the fact that it is currently the only company in Spain that has its Moodle Workplace platform service in the cloud, validated directly by AWS.

Moodle Premium Certified Partner, IThinkUPC’s Partner Profile to learn more.