Create online learning spaces that engage all learners

From early childhood to the end of high school, these are the most important years for learning. They are also the years that students are discovering who they are – where they fit in, what subjects they like most, and how they learn best.

When it comes to online learning, Moodle LMS empowers you with the tools you need to set the next generation up for success.

With features that allow you to tailor content and tasks for every kind of learner at every stage of their learning journey, Moodle LMS is designed to help you help your students where they need it most.

The most trusted learning management system for schools
The best LMS for schools

The most trusted learning management system for schools

Moodle LMS enables you to create safe, accessible and flexible online spaces for young learners in traditional K-12 schools, distance education or home schooling.

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Teach your way

Build your own education platform to teach the way you want, to any age or number of learners. Whatever online education style you prefer, you can deliver it with Moodle LMS.

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Measure & manage progress

Easily track and record student progress, get insights to predict and support students at risk of failing and make informed teaching decisions. Set up activities within Moodle LMS to unlock after certain dates or milestones and save time with automated grading.

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Reward & recognise your students

Motivate and encourage your students throughout their online learning journey with badges, certificates and other gamification features that drive engagement and build a sense of achievement.

Teaching online with Moodle

Create interactive, social eLearning experiences

Wondering how you can use Moodle to enhance your classes and accommodate all learners? Explore Moodle’s extensive built-in activities, resources, and plugins directory that can be used to drive a range of learning outcomes and monitor student development.
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Encourage group learning and collaboration with the ability to create collaborative documents and web pages in your learning management system.

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Foster critical thinking and communication with peer-to-peer discussion forums.

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Grade and provide feedback on homework and assignments submitted by students via Moodle LMS.

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Test student knowledge and build their problem-solving skills with quiz activities.

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Create multiple choice exercises and polls to gauge students’ understanding, progress and opinions.

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Create content that adapts to student responses for independent revision, subject practice, decision-making exercises and more.


“At times it surpasses the physical classroom…”

Hear how Ross Manson describes the benefits using Moodle has brought to the teachers and students of the School of Isolated and Distance Education in Western Australia.

“At times it surpasses the physical classroom…”

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