Deliver eLearning and compliance training courses at scale

Upskilling your workforce is key to maintaining your organisation’s competitive edge, but it’s often easier said than done.

When your staff numbers in the hundreds and thousands, it’s easy to lose track of the details – and getting all your existing HR tools and systems to talk to each other is another story.

With Moodle Workplace, you can streamline employee training, onboarding, and compliance with a suite of automation, reporting, and virtual learning tools that can be easily adapted to your organisation.

Save time and improve training outcomes
Why Moodle Workplace?

Save time and improve training outcomes

Whether you need a smarter way to manage employee compliance or boost engagement with your programs, Moodle Workplace saves you time with custom automations and flexible features to build online courses that cater to learner needs.

Integrate your systems & tools Image

Integrate your systems & tools

Connect with third-party platforms and services like video conferencing, HR platforms, content repositories and more.

Measure & manage progress Image

Measure & manage progress

Generate custom reports that show learner progress, achievements and engagement with your training programs.

Seamless data migration Image

Seamless data migration

Easily export any data from your Moodle Workplace site and import it into the same or different sites and systems.

Training with Moodle Workplace

Create personalised employee learning and development programs

Explore Moodle Workplace’s advanced features for employee learning, from built-in activities and collaboration tools to automated certifications and grading.
Lesson Image


Create content that adapts to learner responses for independent revision, subject practice, decision-making exercises and more.

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Test learner knowledge and build their problem-solving skills with quiz activities.

Video Conferencing Image

Video Conferencing

Record your lessons and share your screen, whiteboard or slides in real time with our integrated web conferencing tool, BigBlueButton.

Badges Image


Celebrate achievements and progress milestones with course badges which learners can display on their Moodle profiles.

Choice Image


Create multiple choice exercises and polls to gauge your learners’ understanding and progress.

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Grade and provide feedback on homework and assignments submitted by learners.


What our customers say

Hear from other organisations about how Moodle Workplace empowers them to provide quality online learning experiences.
Jon Angelskår Image

Jon Angelskår

Digital Coordinator

“The system has greatly reduced our technical burden. A key advantage is our ability to deliver integrations to other systems, alongside the flexibility of the platform and ease of user administration.”

Sinead Woods Image

Sinead Woods

Head of learning platforms

“Before Moodle Workplace, trying to find who had or hadn’t done training was a paper-based exercise and extremely time consuming. Now, a few clicks and the reports are there!”

Jacob Svenningsen Image

Jacob Svenningsen

Communications Manager

“Moodle has cemented the confidence of funding bodies in us and positioned us strongly for new opportunities – particularly with the capacity to deliver eLearning, a key requirement in many public sector contracts.”

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